Our Japanese Auction System

Check out all the available vehicles at Japanese auctions. Just read our auction user guide provided below.

Some models have different names in Japan (e.g. Toyota Yaris is called “Vitz”), so if you can’t find what you are looking for, please ask. We’ll be happy to help.

There are up to 50,000 cars available daily for importers and exporters to bid on.

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Get Cars Japan has a team of professional inspectors rotating around most of the big auctions in major cities.  For 5,000 JPY we can visit the car in person, take high definition photos and videos, and even call you to discuss the condition and answer your questions in real time.  Our inspectors will make a report and Email you the details in time to enter a bid based on that information.  While we deal  only with reputable auctions, from time to time they can overlook something.  We highly recommend this service for customers buying older but valuable cars such as collector’s items.  There is a completion fee of 20,000 JPY should you purchase the vehicle.  For more information on this service, please contact


Several auctions have a service for extra photos.  For 1,500 JPY they will take 10 extra photos and send them to us.  The auctions are:  USS Yokohama, USS R-Nagoya, USS Sapporo, USS Tokyo, USS Nagoya, USS Osaka, and USS Kyushu.



When a vehicle does not sell at auction because the reserve price is not met (passed in), we can then enter an offer to purchase via negotiation.  The auctions charge a fee for this which will be added to the purchase price on the customer invoice.  For USS auctions this fee is 10,000 JPY.  For all other auctions the fee is 5,000 JPY.  Get Cars Japan does not charge any extra fee to purchase by negotiation.


Auction page sliderCar auctions are live and last only 10 to 15 seconds. Many companies enter automatic bids, which means you may be bidding against a computer. We bid live to get you the best price.

With Get Cars Japan, you only pay the actual purchase price, not your maximum bid.

We also have an excellent negotiation team when it comes to “unsold” cars, and do not just accept offers within your maximum.  We will always fight the seller to get the lowest price possible for you.

Download a copy of our user guide for some quick tips to navigate our auctions:

GCJ Auction User Guide