Would you like to become a dealer for Get Cars Japan Ltd?

We are genuinely interested in fostering business relationships with all parties who would like to get quality used Japanese cars from us for reasonable prices. We will provide full support to our dealers who are willing to buy from us on a regular basis.

Following are the terms and conditions for becoming our trusted dealer and the special advantages that come with it.

Being our dealer means you will have clients in your locality both that you find yourself, and those that we introduce.

In general, people are afraid to import a car themselves because they have heard stories of  someone paying for a car and not receiving it.

They therefore feel safer having a “Dealer”  (YOU) who can vouch for the company they are buying from (US), and also guide them through the import process.

If you are interested in becoming such a dealer, we are open to suggestions for the terms of this arrangement as conditions will vary for each country.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss this further.