One Price

There is a section on our auction pages called “One Price”.

As the name implies, the listed price is a fixed price.

While a fixed price is more attractive to some customers, we would only recommend using it if you found a car that you had to have and thought the chances of finding one in the auctions are very low.

You can consider “One Price” the same as a “Buy It Now” price on Ebay, so as you can imagine, the seller sets the price quite high.
A lot of the cars in the One Price section are also dealer stock (the same is true for the AUCNET auctions).
The seller is either trying to get rid of stock he can’t sell, or trying to make a quick profit.
Either way, the selling price is usually higher than the average.
As with regular auctions, there is no way of contacting the seller directly, so the price is non-negotiable.
The buyer also needs to be aware that cars for sale in One Price and AUCNET may be in remote or irregular locations making the transport to the dock quite expensive.


  1. kaushal says:

    I want to become a member of this auction, im a used car business man from Australia.

  2. What kind of reputation does the GooNet Exchange have with respect to their “one price” cars they advertise?

    Good company? Overpriced cars?


    • GooNet Exchange is only a collection data to group together cars advertised online by dealers.
      Being retail, the cars a certainly priced higher than auction wholesale prices.
      In general the dealers buy their cars at auctions, and the prices that appear on GooNet are the marked up price.
      That is not to say there are no bargains available. We often buy cars on the “One Price” and have successfully negotiated prices down several times.

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