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I have been dealing with the guys at Get Cars Japan since October 2012 and have purchased many vehicles from them since then.  I was very happy with attention they give to each inquiry and always very honest and helpful.  They are looking for your best interest for a change and not just selling vehicles.  I have dealt with many companies over my 15 years in business and is hard to find this kind of service so it has been a pleasure dealing with them and would not hesitate to recommend them if you’re in the market for any imported vehicles.

Ryan & Natanicha Myhr, owners of Hilltop Cruisers Ltd. – CANADA – Dynas and Landcruisers.



I began looking around the Get Cars Japan website at the huge selection of cars and became addicted. I started bidding on many different models at a wide range of prices. One of the managers really became involved and guided me toward a budget and a vehicle that suited my needs. We ended up targeting the BMW 1-Series and within a couple of days purchased one a few thousand dollars under the average price. They then continued to impress by having it at my door far quicker than I had imagined. The purpose was to make life easier for my pregnant wife but she has trouble getting the keys off me. So happy with it … thank you Get Cars Japan.

Wesley Marshall – Australia – BMW 1-Series M-Sport



These Guys are very helpful. The helped me find the exact car I was looking for at a good price. Their assistance after the sale was also strong. They helped with all of the after sale details too. I recommend this service highly to anyone who might be interested in buy a great quality used car.

Steve Larson – USA – Hilux


My car is great! Am enjoying the ride! It was a good choice! You will definitely get customers…some of my friends are thinking of importing cars. Yes I am happy and truly grateful to you people for getting for me a good car. It has been great doing business with you. I will definitely recommend you to my buddies!

Bernie W. / PAJERO – Kenya

lineBought a car through Get Cars Japan and couldn’t be happier with the service. They are responsive and answered all my emails in a timely manner. I will buy my next car through Get Cars Japan & “get” sure to recommend them to any friends looking to buy cars in the future.
Thanks again for the “get service” and all the help.

PK/ AUDI A6 – Australia


Zachary-2My names are Zachary Mburu from Kenya/Ruiru/kiambu County. I have bought several vehicles directly from the various Japanese Auctions through Get Cars Japan LTD. This is a Hyogo, Japan based company which has been in operation since 1993. It’s one of the few car importers in Japan which has been approved by JUMVEA. My assurance is that, Get cars Japan Ltd will only allow you to bid super good cars at the best market prices. Before placing any bid, they will carefully check the mechanical, interior and exterior conditions and advice the customer accordingly.

More appealing, they will let you know the results of your bids LIVE! They will source for your cars relevant documents and they will ensure you receive them long before the car docks its intended destination. It’s the only Japan car importer known to track shipments upto the destination country/port. Many thanks to Mr Mark Christopher and Mr Paul Cathcart for their tireless effort to ensure you get quality for your Money.  Best regards from myself, my family and my friends for the super models we have sourced from you!




I have had a great experience with Get Cars Japan , I was looking for about a year on the website until I purchased and they helped every step of the way. The process was made simple and they pretty much took care of everything for me . It was a fast service as well car arrived within a month of purchase and definitely will be buying again.

Corey W / LANCER EVO – Canada

lineGuys, car drives well. All good.

Thanks again for the “get service” and all the help. Will “get” sure to recommend you guys to any friends looking to buy cars in the future.

linePK  / AUDI A6 – Australia

To be honest with you i have got some feedback from various people and its so good. One the reasons why as we live in a very small community and knows each and very well. that there are many customers who want to make business with you. Basically I am v interested to do business with you   I.S. (Maldives)

Wow, am so excited! Congratulations and thanks for the hard work. This is the best way I could start my day. Please send the invoice and I will be sure to wire the money by friday morning.

Thanks so much and look forward to my Outlander.


E (Mombasa)

I have just cleared customs now and got car here. The car is nice, it almost looks like a new car. I’m happy about my purchase and would like to express my gratitude to you.The car I received is excellent.

Thank you for your cooperation and if I have anyone who interested in purchasing cars, i will contact with you.

Regards,Zula (Prius)