One Price

There is a section on our auction pages called “One Price”.

As the name implies, the listed price is a fixed price.

While a fixed price is more attractive to some customers, we would only recommend using it if you found a car that you had to have and thought the chances of finding one in the auctions are very low.

You can consider “One Price” the same as a “Buy It Now” price on Ebay, so as you can imagine, the seller sets the price quite high.
A lot of the cars in the One Price section are also dealer stock (the same is true for the AUCNET auctions).
The seller is either trying to get rid of stock he can’t sell, or trying to make a quick profit.
Either way, the selling price is usually higher than the average.
As with regular auctions, there is no way of contacting the seller directly, so the price is non-negotiable.
The buyer also needs to be aware that cars for sale in One Price and AUCNET may be in remote or irregular locations making the transport to the dock quite expensive.

Importer prices not much more than auction price?

Customers often ask  how importers in their country can be selling some cars for prices that don’t seem possible.
The main reason is that they buy lower quality cars with higher mileage.
Some may tamper with the mileage to make the car more attractive to buyers.
Japan is one of the best places in the world to buy low mileage Japanese, American, and European cars especially over 10 years old.
Japanese people use their cars far less and drive much shorter distances than people in most countries, and the registration system here encourages people to buy relatively new cars, so anything close to or over 10 years old can be bought for incredible prices.
One problem with this of course is that international buyers looking for these bargains sometimes drive the prices up.
A good example is a customer of ours who  recently bought a LHD 2004 525i BMW with 125,000km for around 1.2 million yen.
Another customer bought the EXACT same car except RHD with 60,000km (in better condition) for 650,000yen …almost half the price.
 The LHD BMW is not worth any more than the RHD on the Japanese market.  It is buyers in countries that can only import LHD cars competing with each other over such models that cause such high prices.
A good plan of attach is to keep an eye out for models to buy, and regularly enter bids that you know will give you a definite profit margin.
It may take a little extra time, but eventually you will find something within your budget.

Myanmar Used Car Import Roadblock Removed

Myanmar used car dealers & importers can now import later-model used vehicles following a government decision to ease restrictions at the beginning of September, said Yangon-based dealers.
Dealers that have already imported and sold 100 vehicles may apply to import used models dated from

2008 to 2011, said U Soe Htun with Farmer Auto.

Previously dealers could import and sell models manufactured from 1997 to 2007, while later used models were restricted to personal imports only.

“We welcome the change in policy, as we need to worry about less paperwork and can now sell more varieties of cars,” said Shwe Baho Auto official Ko Nyi Nyi Zaw.

He added that although Shwe Baho had not yet completed the requisite forms to import the later models, it supports the policy as it will attract customers to dealers who formerly imported their own used vehicles.

Other dealers were less optimistic the eased rules may jump-start profit margins in an increasingly competitive sector, as more dealers set up shop.

“The car trading market for us is currently slow,” said SKK Auto official Ko Chan Kyaw Kyaw.

“However the policy is changed, I don’t think it can change the overall situation.”


Great example of GCJ saving money for the customer at the time of purchase.

front interior


We secured this beautiful little 1998 FIAT BARCHETTA for one of our customers.

His max was 180,000 yen. We watched as computer bidding went over 300,000 and thought all was lost until bidding was reset to 100,000.

We clicked once and won this little beauty for 105,000. Congratulations Jim…bet you can’t wait to drive it.

Point of note: Many companies will lodge automated bids. Had we done this with Jim he would have paid 180,000 – so be sure to check how your bids are handled.

Happy Motoring.

GCJ Team.

Import from auctions

We get a lot of inquiries from customers asking for what cars we have in stock.
Our company does not keep much stock as we find the vehicles sit, weather, age, and devalue. The chances of finding the right customer for the right car in stock is very slim.
With our auction system, the customer has over a thousand times more of a chance of finding what they need…and since there are no storage or extra transport fees incurred by us, you win out by getting a fresh car for dealer wholesale prices. This is why we recommend you import from auctions.

Don’t be fooled. Companies that have cheap stock for sale buy their cars from these auctions, then pay transport and storage fees, and the cars often sit in the sun which is very damaging for the interior and paint.

They can also tell you whatever they want about the car and you only have their word.
The auctions provide independent and accurate assessments of every vehicle, so you know if the car has been repaired, has rust, oil leaks, engine troubles, electrics not working…it is all on the inspection sheet.

You do not need to put your trust in some dodgy second hand car car dealer. Thousands of our customers have imported cars via Get Cars Japan from the Japanese auctions. Needless to say, the satisfaction rate is still 100 percent.

2004 BMW 525i highline, 1 owner

We have a lovely 1 owner 2004 model 525i 6 speed automatic with gear shift manual controls  in stock at the moment.

It is ready for immediate export.

It has heated leather seats with memory buttons for the seat, steering wheel, and mirror positions.

Log books, airbags in all doors as well as 2 windscreen airbags and the usual driver’s and passenger airbags.

Apart from a minor dent in one door and the scratches shown in the pictures, the car is in excellent condition and drives beautifully.

CD changer, TV/Navigation, Factory alloy wheels (1 minor scratch on one wheel), Cruise control, steering wheel controls, electric rear screen.

Click HERE for more pictures:

Find Immaculate Classic Cars in Japanese Auctions

A lot of people don’t realize that Japan is the perfect place to buy classic foreign cars in excellent condition, not only Japanese cars.


Because cities are close together and most people commute by train, there is a goldmine of classic cars to be found here. Just today a customer found this beautiful 1987 Porsche convertible in the auctions.  We visited the auction to check it out for him and were surprised at how beautiful it was. Genuine 29,735klms on the odometer !

And this is not so rare. The interesting thing is, he wants to import it to Europe. With the quality and longevity of prestige cars making even 15 to 20 year old vehicles comparable to current models, we highly recommend enthusiasts and collectors search the auctions. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, and even classic Chevrolet, Ford and other American makers are common and often sell for great prices.




Extra car pictures and other free services.

blog 1Although the auctions only provide 3 pictures, it is part of our service to provide ALL customers with 10 high definition pictures of every car once it arrives at the port.

It is also part of our service to find parts and accessories for you, so if you see a part you’d like to change, or an accessory (such as stereo, shift knob, steering wheel, seat covers, wheel covers), just let us know and we take care of it for you at no service charge.

Get your consignee details to us ASAP for speedy shipment of your car.

Blog 2The consignee is simply the person who will be the official new owner of the vehicle at it’s destination port

With the recent drop in the Yen, shipping yards are overflowing and exports are booming.  Ships are often full and it becomes hard to secure space.

We need the consignee details to make your booking, so if it is your first purchase, make sure you send us your name, address, and phone number so we can get your car to you as soon as possible.


Shipping vehicles by container

blog 3-1★  Container shipping is used for several reasons.

★  Some ports do not have RORO shipping.

★  Sending several cars in one container can be cheaper than sending them individually by RORO.

★  Containers provide security and safety as well as weather protection.

Unlike RORO however, the freight is not the only cost involved.

There is a charge of 25000yen to 30000yen per car for securing the vehicles in the container (known as “vanning” or “lashings”), and a THC (Terminal Handling Charge).

The good news: There is a 15000yen export fee included in our FOB/export charge, so the extra charges for containers does not add up to all that much.

e.g. If there are 4 cars in the container, the total vanning cost would be around 100000yen, so the customer would need to pay 40000yen (15000yen x 4 = 60000yen is already paid in the FOB charge).