Import from auctions

We get a lot of inquiries from customers asking for what cars we have in stock.
Our company does not keep much stock as we find the vehicles sit, weather, age, and devalue. The chances of finding the right customer for the right car in stock is very slim.
With our auction system, the customer has over a thousand times more of a chance of finding what they need…and since there are no storage or extra transport fees incurred by us, you win out by getting a fresh car for dealer wholesale prices. This is why we recommend you import from auctions.

Don’t be fooled. Companies that have cheap stock for sale buy their cars from these auctions, then pay transport and storage fees, and the cars often sit in the sun which is very damaging for the interior and paint.

They can also tell you whatever they want about the car and you only have their word.
The auctions provide independent and accurate assessments of every vehicle, so you know if the car has been repaired, has rust, oil leaks, engine troubles, electrics not working…it is all on the inspection sheet.

You do not need to put your trust in some dodgy second hand car car dealer. Thousands of our customers have imported cars via Get Cars Japan from the Japanese auctions. Needless to say, the satisfaction rate is still 100 percent.

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