How we export cars for you…the process

blog 4-1People often wonder about how all of the steps of exporting are linked.
The most common method to send a single vehicle is known as RORO (Roll On and Roll Off the ship). The car needs to be drivable as it is physically driven up a ramp and parked on a lower deck of the ship.
Once we have purchased your car, we transport it to the dock.
After receiving your payment, the auction sends us the documentation necessary to obtain an export certificate and we then go ahead and book the first available ship.
For destinations to where ships leave weekly, we can usually get your car on a ship within 2 weeks of the auction date.
Shipping to some ports is less frequent (once a month or less) and because of this space may be tight.
Once we have your details and the export certificate, the shipping is booked and you just pick the car up at your port.
It really is that simple.

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